Building works affecting access to Monday evening classes at St.Peter’s Catholic School

The building work at the school will be ongoing through the autumn and winter and is scheduled to finish next Easter. The school are able to make sure we have access to the Drama Studio throughout the works, but as you will have noticed each week is a new puzzle as to how to get across the car park!

The whole of the large car park that we usually use is cordonned off and the access week to week is likely to change.  As you enter the site follow the access road around to the right and park in the car park near reception. Please take care on the site as there will still be heavy machinery working in the evenings. Keep an eye out for signage tellng you which temporary footpath to use, this is likely to be more of a challenge for the 8pm class as it will be dark by then! If you are able to leave yourself extra time to get parked and find your way across the campus that would be advisable.

During half-tem the work is intensifying to make the most of not having students on site during the day. Our classes will be running as usual, and it may be that the usual entrance to the campus is closed, and you will need to enter the site via the exit lane. There should be signage up in the road as you approach the school if that does happen.

We are going to need to be flexible to cope with the changes, but that’s what yoga is all about, learning to roll with the changes without becoming too unsettled. I love working at St. Peter’s and it is a great room for us to practice in, so hope you can all stick it out and roll on Spring!

The school heating will be on after half-term, so until then make sure you wear layers to class and bring a blanket or bath towel for relaxation, as well as some warm socks. Wearing a woolly hat in savasana keeps your body heat in beautifully, and you can pull it down over your eyes instead of using an eye pillow.

X Michelle

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