Road works on Epsom Road affecting access to Merrow Classes

It seems that I must be a beacon for building works of all kinds at the moment…my own house is in chaos while the bathroom is reinvented, St.Peter’s School is in the midst of a massive building project and now a big building project just behind Merrow Village Hall is holding up the traffic!

There are temporary traffic lights just by the hall and they are slowing the traffic down considerably, especially during the rush hour. If you are coming to class on Thursday evening, leave yourself extra time IF you can to get through the temporary traffic lights, there is still access to the car park, but you may have to go up to the roundabout and back to get in, depending on what is going on tomorrow. I anticipate starting the class a little later and finishing a little later, and this will affect the start time of the 7.30pm class by a few minutes too…..

I will be there and the classes will be on so don’t worry if it does make you a little late



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