In March 2020 I had to close down my live classes in response to the Pandemic. I have as yet not returned to the classroom and when I do any premises I use will have to pass my own stringent risk assessment. If social distancing measures remain in place when the country starts to unlock  I will only be able to offer a limited number of places in class, as in order to comply with our own insurers, mats need to be further than 2 metres apart. This is because in some yoga poses you are lying down fully stretched out on the floor often with your arms open wide bringing you into much closer proximity with other students. I am mindful that some of my students have underlying health conditions and would be particularly vulnerable should they come into contact with the virus and when I do reopen I want to be able to welcome EVERYONE back. 

I decided to record my classes for people to download and practice at their convenience rather than a live ‘Zoom’ style class. I joined in a Zoom class early in April, and I must admit it was not for me…..
I wanted to recreate as closely as possible the sense of calm and internal focus that people experience in my classes and also the flexibility to do the class at any time of the day (or night). Many households still have people working from home, and many families have had adult children move back in making it even more difficult to be able to be on your mat and in front of your computer at a set time to join in a class and at the mercy of the Wi-Fi connection!

My intention was to create a class that you could do with your eyes closed, just listening to my voice, but with the added bonus that you can look at the screen if you need clarification, but that you would not need to be looking at the screen the whole time. I don’t know about you but I am heartily sick of looking at screens….

Since April 2020 I have created a collection of over 70 classes, everything from 5 minute to 60 minute classes for all levels from complete beginners to experienced practitioners. I add new material regularly and deal with themes that are particularly pertinent to these strange times such as coping with anxiety, fear and change. In response to feedback from my  students I created some short sequences called “Sparks” which vary in length from 5-20 minutes for those people who did not have the time or energy to do a full length class. There are also lots of guided meditations that you can enjoy if you just want to relax and get a good nights sleep.

To access this library of classes all you need to do is contact me at so that we can arrange a telephone call. I can then take a full health history from you and advise you which classes to try. The cost of this service is only £20/month, which is significantly cheaper than attending live classes. This seems only fair as my own outgoings have sinificantly reduced now that I am working from home. 

And one more thing, if you are not very good with technology, you WILL be able to access these classes. I am happy to have you on a video call or phone call and talk you through the setup until you have the classes working beautifully. All you need is a laptop/computer or mobile phone/tablet either playing through speakers or wireless headphones. 

Here is a little taste of a 10 minute simple class…just left click on the blue link below….

The classes are called “WeirdYoga” as they are not like anything else! Contact me if you would like to give them a try and I will organise a free trial class. Why not give it a whirl?