Michelle’s yoga classes are unique. She successfully combines a passionate understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual strengths of yoga with her own warmth and humour. Her classes are nurturing, joyful and supportive. I look forward to class and always leave it with a renewed spring in my step.
Clair W
So happy to be letting yoga in and work stress out!

I’m so glad I found Michelle’s therapeutic yoga class. I’m no longer young or particularly bendy, but Michelle is adamant that you do only as much as is comfortable and right for you. It’s non competitive, with the emphasis on not judging yourself harshly but rather accepting what you can achieve and being happy with that.  It’s also good fun!
Karen “Scotty” 

Michelle’s natural intelligence, warmth and wisdom make for a yogic oasis in every class. 
Ali M – Psychologist/ Victims Champion/ Stressy mum

I have been practising yoga with Michelle for nearly ten years now and love her approach to teaching. She offers a warm and friendly environment and is mindful of not only your physical but also your mental well-being. Guiding us through our practice, she ensures each individual gets the most out of the session, doing what is right for them. On top of this, she has a wonderful sense of humour! Cannot recommend highly enough.

I tried lots of different yoga classes but they felt wrong and uncomfortable. With Michelle I love the slow stretch, the feeling of well-being and the ambience.  Glad to see men in the class because yoga is for everyone, anytime and lifelong.
Elizabeth, ageing gracefully

I’ve been a student with Michelle for nearly 3 years and love going each week, it is an oasis of calm. The benefits have been material, both physically and mentally. Physically my strength and flexibility are hugely improved and I’ve reduced my running injuries significantly.  Mentally the benefits have been easy to notice, for me and others around me. Michelle is kind, very expert and uses humour to great effect. A brilliant way to spend 90 minutes!

I’ve been coming to Michelle’s classes for well over 10 years. They are the anchor in my week. I love the gentle blend of yoga postures, music and attention to every individual. Michelle manages to support and encourage everyone however advanced or novice they are and her mix of spirituality
and humour is given with love and sincerity that creates a warmth in all the classes I attend. Thank you Michelle…in all my 35 years of yoga practice, you are the best teacher and the only one who has enabled me to do my own daily practice at home!
Anita Hughes – Psychologist and Healer

I feel very lucky to have found such a fantastic yoga teacher… Michelle’s energy is the best. Her classes are a much needed tonic for life’s stress and help me to keep body, mind and spirit balanced. Thank you Michelle…
Karen Beard

It isn’t just the physical beneficial effects that keep me coming back – Michelle’s approach turns my yoga mat into a valuable little island of calm groundedness which I find really helpful in a busy week.
Tricia, Great-Aunty!

Michelle is not just a yoga teacher she is an M&S (Most Special) yoga teacher. I had done yoga for many years when I came to one of Michelle’s classes.  My intention was only to stay for a few months while my regular yoga teacher was taking a break.  That was about seven years ago.  It was a surprise to me to come to a yoga class that was such fun, where you were encouraged not to take yourself too seriously or give yourself a hard time, while still being inspired to get the most from your practise. My husband joined Michelle’s classes a couple of years ago and was instantly made welcome.  More men attend Michelle’s yoga classes than any other yoga class I have ever been to.  I think this is down to her inclusive nature and the instinctive way she has of making everyone feel at ease and comfortable.  All are welcome, young or old, male or female and those who are yet to decide. In the last few months my husband and I have had a difficult time dealing with four elderly parents ranging from 89 to 94 and a number of different health issues.  Michelle has been there for us, checking in on us, making sure we could make it to a class whenever we could and being there with a hug when necessary. Michelle is more than a yoga teacher, she is an exceptional person with a huge heart and an endless capacity to care, who intuitively seems to know just what is needed, whether that is help with your practice or help with the things that sometimes come to make life difficult.
Carolyn & Keith

I have been to Michelle’s classes for over 10 years now. Still, every time it is different, new, insightful and I get excited to be allowed to go each week. My special ME treat. Michelle is such a thoughtful, intuitive and sensitive teacher delivering it all with a great sense of humour, vulnerability, safety and full understanding of people.
Mrs. C – Reluctant desk jockey and part-time yoga teacher

Michelle gently leads you through a series of exercises that suit all ages and all abilities. Everyone is made to feel at home no matter their ability. Classes delivered with a smile on her face and a wicked sense of humour. Given I am the wrong side of 60 and falling apart if I can keep up, then anyone can.
Enjoy the experience
Chris M (Retired Merrow resident)

Michelle works her magic every time, in JUST one hour my mind and body feel wonderful
Linda Matthews, Retired Nurse

Michelle is a great teacher. She knows all her pupils abilities and disabilities so stops us doing things which aren’t right for us and suggests alternatives. She’s non-judgemental, endlessly patient (she could be silently screaming but you’d never know!) and always encouraging. However much we might not want to turn out at the end of the day, no matter how hard we might work when we get there, we’re always glad we went to her class.
Patty & Bernard Boardman

Michelle is the best yoga teacher I have ever found in 35 years of practice. She is talented and real, genuine and humorous, understanding and spiritual. Every class resonates emotionally, intellectually and physically and leaves me rebalanced, refreshed and reinvigorated. You won’t find better!  (Michelle and her teaching have also inspired me to train as a yoga teacher and write a yoga blog!)
Janey J

I started yoga at Michelle’s Beginner Class, it had been recommended to me to help rebuild strength after a spinal problem (prolapsed disc). It was the first time I’d ever done yoga and she made me feel so welcome and has an uncanny knack to running a class with the full gamut of capabilities. Four years later, I’m still here. I have moved class and couldn’t bear to be without it. I came for physical health reasons but now I find it invaluable in giving me mental peace of mind and space to think. Michelle manages to balance the spiritual and philosophical side of Yoga with the physical practice in a way that doesn’t seem laboured or forced and somehow still making it challenging and fun.
Gavin – Guildford

I’m a bit of an “over” person: overanxious, overemotional, overwhelmed
and overweight! I wasn’t sure if a yoga class would help with any of these things, but have been delighted to find that Michelle’s therapeutic yoga class works wonders with them all. It’s friendly, fun and focused and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Marie – accountant and ice-hockey fan.