Private Tuition


One-to-one tuition

Is one-to one tuition for you?

  • it is a great introduction to yoga and sometimes students will book  a private session before joining a class.
  • just two or three private lessons can help you establish or kick start your home practice
  • with the full attention of your teacher you can explore more complex postures safely.
  • therapeutic and restorative yoga is best taught on a one-to-one or small group class basis, and can help to alleviate ailments/injuries and to address psycho-emotional issues.
  • support whilst training to be a yoga teacher. Most reputable yoga training schools will require their students to be working closely with a teacher that they deem to be suitably qualified. An extension of having private lessons whilst you are training is the opportunity to shadow me at work and observe and assist in classes.

I teach my private students in a spacious well-equipped studio in my home. As well as your lesson  I can also create  home practice sequences for you to work on  between lessons. These can either be filmed on your mobile phone or written out for you with stick figures.


I have worked with private clients on some of the following ….

    • restoring the spine to health
    • stabilising the shoulders
    • strengthening the knees
    • alleviating Achilles tendon dysfunction
    • releasing tension in the neck
    • rehabilitating the wrists
    • improving core stability
    • upper body conditioning
    • support for other sports i.e running, cycling, golf
    • recovering from a cardiac event
    • rediscovering the breath
    • achieving a healthy body weight
    • managing pain conditions such as fibromyalgia
    • coping with Parkinson’s Disease
    • reducing stress and anxiety
    • living with ADHD
    • addressing depression
    • support whilst overcoming addictions
    • relief from insomnia
    • preparing for conception
    • strengthening the pelvic floor
    • stabilising the pelvis
    • rehabilitation after hysterectomy

In order to begin private yoga lessons after injury/illness, you do need to have been given permission by your doctor/physiotherapist to begin mobilising the affected parts of your body. Yoga is not a substitute for medical care, and cannot replace the kind of rehabilitation provided by qualified physiotherapists, nor the work undertaken by psychologists or counsellors. If I think you would benefit from more specialised help of any kind I am happy to refer you or help you find the appropriate practitioner. If you think private lessons are for you, then contact me on 07821 535540 or via email on to arrange a session.


  • one-to-one session with initial consultation  £70
  • Subsequent sessions £55 per hour
  • 60 minute and 90 minute sessions available
  • a shared private lesson is £30 per person per hour.

(Once you have had your initial consultation we can decide whether you need to book 60 or 90 minute appointments)

Appointments: Tuesday from 2pm – 6pm
                         Thursday from 10am to 2pm
                         Friday 10am and from 2pm onwards

Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a private lesson. You will be required to pay half of the cost of the lesson if less than 24 hours notice is given of a cancellation. This does mean that even in the event of illness or accident the cancellation policy applies.  You will be asked to sign a copy of this cancellation agreement at your first session. Please contact me on my mobile phone to cancel or reschedule your lesson on 07821 535540