Online Classes

In response to the first lockdown in March 20201 I began offering online classes which were affectionately dubbed “Weird Yoga” by my students, as the assumption was if I was behind it, it would be WEIRD! They were right in that I did not immediately switch all my live classes over to Zoom, as I wanted to find a more flexible approach that took into account that people were living and working from home and that being on your mat at a certain time and having the space and privacy to do a class in your own home was going to present more of a challenge for some people than for others. Equality of access to yoga has always been very important to me. I also wanted the classes to be very affordable as many families incomes were severely disrupted by the pandemic. I came up with the idea of filming myself doing the class and offering these recordings via links on my website. Over the following 14 months I created a huge catalogue of work to enable students to continue their practice at home. Now that live classes have resumed many students have returned to the classroom, but some prefer the flexibility of being able to practice at home so the online material now exists as a catalogue for those who wish to use it at a cost of £15 per month. Online access is free to anyone enrolled in a live class and can be used to help establish a home practice.

You can access these yoga classes simply by clicking on a link. You can practice with me at any time that suits you and repeat the classes as often as you like. You can also pause the class if you need to and go back if something needs clarifying. You will be able to see me on the screen doing the class with you as well as giving you verbal instructions as we go along.

The big advantages of WeirdYoga are:
– if you are new to yoga you have me there demonstrating each move with clear vocal instructions
– for more experienced students the classes are designed so that you can follow them just with your ears. This means no craning to look at the screen, and you can practice with your eyes closed as I know many of you do in class.
– you can practice at any time of the day (or night)
– you can do as many classes as you like a week
– you can choose the level of intensity and a theme to suit your needs
– the service works out at less than £4 per week
– the classes are filmed and edited together so the quality is much higher than a live class that has simply been filmed

What do I need to get started?
– non slip mat and a safe place to practice
– computer/smart phone/tablet
– wireless headphones or speakers
– yoga belt (dressing gown belt or an old tie)
– yoga block and brick (stack of books)
– blanket or bath towel to cover yourself with in relaxation
– eye pillow (clean sock half filled with rice and knotted at the top)
– cushion / knee padding

What do I need to know to practice safely?
It is best not to practice on a full stomach and it is important that you stay well hydrated especially in warmer weather. You can practice at any time of day but remember that your spine will be slightly stiffer when you first get out of bed. Use your common sense and listen to your body. If you experience pain STOP. It would be sensible to consult your GP before starting to practice if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant.

How do I find the right class for me?
You will find the lessons grouped into themes. Scroll down through the lessons and select the one that appeals to you. I have organised the classes as follows-

Level One: a shorter gentle and accessible class (no weight bearing on knees or wrists)
Level Two: a longer mixed ability class with basic instructions for beginners
Level Three: at least an hour long class for more experienced practitioners
Sparks: mini practices ranging in length from 5 to 20 minutes
Relaxation only: for when you just want to lie down and drift away

How do I pay?
You can either set up a regular monthly payment of £15 or simply pay for one month at the time, the system is flexible so that you only pay for the content when you are able to use it. (Contact me on 07821 535540 or for account details. Cheque and cash payments are also accepted).
The content remains free to anyone who is suffering from financial hardship.

Rules and Regs
All material on this website is copyrighted. Please do not share the password or any of the material on this site with anyone else. You are welcome to refer friends and family to WeirdYoga but I must speak to them first to take a full health history.

So let’s get you started, head over to the WEIRDYOGA page, enter the password, scroll through the lessons listed there and simply click on a link to play the class…..enjoy!

TOP TIP: If you find particular lessons that hit the spot for you keep a note of the lesson number and level so you can find it quickly next time, as there is a lot of material for you to scroll through here!