Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

An exploration of how our minds and emotions affect our sleep, and how the wisdom and practices from the Yoga Tradition might just help. It is very normal to have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep when you feel anxious. It is also very normal to react to problems sleeping with anxiety. You have… Continue reading Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Unlocking Sleep

This article is the third in the series on Sleep following “The Land of Nod” and “The Science of Sleep” so best to read those first if you haven’t already. If you are experiencing difficulties getting asleep, staying asleep, or waking up still feeling tired then it would be worth checking through the suggestions in… Continue reading Unlocking Sleep

The Science of Sleep

If you are struggling to get enough restful sleep then perhaps it’s time for you to become a sleep scientist. If you ask a person who sleeps well what steps they take to get a good night they will probably not have a clue. Ask the same question of an insomniac and you will get… Continue reading The Science of Sleep

The Land of Nod

Bedtime storiesI remember as a child waking up from a full night of sleep refreshed and excited about the day ahead, especially at the weekends and during the school holidays when the day was my own and all manner of adventures awaited me and my imaginary horse Dobbin. It will of course come as no… Continue reading The Land of Nod

Being Human: Slow Motion

In our culture the idea of slowing down tends to be associated with old age or infirmity of some kind, rather than something we would do by choice to enhance our health and well-being. It is not unusual for someone to comment “Oh poor thing, he is slowing down” when they observe someone who has… Continue reading Being Human: Slow Motion