Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find out what you need to know then please call me on 07821 535540 or email to chandanandayoga@gmail.com

I am quite stiff so probably can’t do yoga can I?
Yes indeed you can! There is too much emphasis on the need to be flexible in yoga; it will make you more flexible in time with practice, but it also requires strength. It is perhaps more important to be mentally flexible and to approach your yoga with an open mind and a sense of humour!

I am naturally flexible and can do some of the difficult poses that I have seen in books though I have never done yoga! Any point me coming?
Yes, if you are naturally flexible, there is a high chance that you need to develop strength in your yoga practice. Naturally flexible people are drawn to yoga because they find it easy, but once you learn to engage your muscles correctly during your practice, so you are not resting into your ligaments and allowing your joints to go past a safe range of movement, and look for the strength element in each pose, you may be surprised to find this way of working quite challenging.

I have a bad back, and have heard that yoga could help, is that true?
Yoga can help with a lot of spinal issues, but the practice does need to be adapted depending on what has actually gone wrong with your back. There are lots of root causes to a ‘bad back’, and it is vital that you have some investigations to get to the bottom of the problem. With a diagnosis (ie prolapsed disc, facet joint lock, scoliosis) it is possible to be integrated into an appropriate level class, or possibly come for private lessons first.

I am overweight, is yoga for me?
I have worked with students both in class and on a one-to-one basis who carry a heavy body weight. Yoga can help to keep you healthy whatever your weight, not just because it strengthens and tones the body, but because it starts to change our mental attitudes and helps us to combat addictions and habits. Every body is different and will encounter areas of strength and challenges in a yoga class. My aim is to adapt the practice to fit your body and not to necessarily equate your health with your weight, it is entirely possible to be fit, healthy and heavy!

Are there any men in your classes?
Yes, in most of my classes there are a few men, so don’t panic! I have taught many men both in class and on a one-to-one basis, and I do understand that it can be a bit daunting to walk into a class full of predominantly women, especially as a beginner….all I can say is, give it a try I think you will be surprised at how intense yoga can be physically, and how chilled out and limber you will feel after a few classes.

I am in my later years, is it too late to start?
No. It is never too late to start. I have taught many students who came to yoga in their 60’s, and 70’s, and 80’s and they have found a gentle practice can go a long way to alleviating some of the ailments and illnesses that they had supposed were part and parcel of getting older.

What about during pregnancy? Is it safe to start or continue to practice?
The bench mark for active yoga practice is to begin, or resume practice once you are safely into the second trimester. That being said, many experienced yogini’s continue to practice throughout pregnancy without any ill effects. Pregnancy is a time when your body awareness is naturally heightened, and you may well feel instinctively whether an active physical yoga practice is appropriate for you or not.  I have had some additional training on integrating pregnant students into a general class, and have taught many students well  into their third trimester. I can accommodate you in either the Thursday early evening class (6.15pm) or the Friday lunchtime class (11.45am) until around 30 weeks. What I would say is that if you are pregnant, we should have a long chat prior to you making a decision about joining a regular yoga class. As your pregnancy progresses you would benefit from attending a specialist class, and I will endeavour to help you find a local teacher.

Do you teach children?

No, over-16’s only. Many of my students are parents or teachers and I want to give them that “me time” in class when they have been with children all day.

Is yoga a religion?
Yoga  has a spiritual element, but is not a religion.  Many people who have a strong faith practice yoga, and find that it complements their spirituality. I would gladly talk this through with you in more detail, and have in the past discussed students concerns with their church or temple.

I have an injury/illness that affects my ability to do yoga, am I still welcome?
Absolutely. You will be asked to fill out a health history when you first come to class, and I would suggest which class would be most suitable for you to attend. It may be that you will need private tuition initially, so that I can teach you how to modify your practice prior to joining a class. I have worked with many students with illnesses, injuries and challenges, both physical and emotional, who require a modified practice, and see this as part of my duty of care as your teacher, to make the practice fit you exactly as you are.