***Update 31st May 2021 ***

On the 17th May 2021 I taught my first live class in 14 months and it was so good to be back in the classroom! I now have three live, face to face classes under strict social distancing guidelines and I will be starting two new evening classes come September on a Thursday evening, more details on follow on this as I am still in the process of completing risk assessments etc

So far live classes are as follows:

Mixed Ability Yoga on Fridays at 10am – a 75 minute mixed ability class suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike
Merrow Methodist Church Hall
Class of 12 FULLY BOOKED and waiting list running
There may be a second intake for this class from 21st June if we come out of lockdown fully

Gentle Yoga on Fridays at 11.45am – A 60 minute class suitable for those who need a less strenuous practice
Merrow Methodist Church Hall
Class of 12 FULLY BOOKED and waiting list running
There may be a second intake for this class from 21st June if we come out of lockdown fully

Improvers Yoga Mondays at 8pm – A stronger 90 minute class for those who want a more complex physical practice and have at least two years experience
Merrow Methodist Church Hall
Class of 12 FULLY BOOKED and waiting list running
There may be a second intake for this class from 21st June if we come out of lockdown fully

Whilst social distancing measures remain with us, classes can only hold half the number of students which means places are very limited at the moment. Depending on the Governments road map out of lockdown it MAY be possible to take eight more students into each of these classes after 21st June.

I realise that many people need an evening class to fit around their other commitments but in all honesty I cannot afford to run a full schedule of classes with the 2 metre rule in place. In September I will be getting at least two more evening classes onto the schedule so please bear with me.

I am meticulously logging everyones bids for class on a spreadsheet and your original email expressing interest in joining a live class has been time and date stamped. This means that as and when more classes open you will automatically be closer to the top of the waiting list.

Important: because of the pandemic and social distancing I cannot accommodate anyone who has not been booked into class in advance as I am not permitted to go over numbers. So if you have NOT had a personal offer of a place in class please do not show up on the day as I will not be able to give you a space.

I have undertaken full risk assessments on every venue that I am planning to use, and this is a very time consuming process. I have visited all of my new venues to measure out the space to ensure that you have a 2 metre gap between the outermost edge of your mat and the nearest edge of the next mat. Dots on the floor keeping your heads 2 metres apart are not sufficient for yoga as this does not take into account that you move all around your mat and at times are stretched out fully on the floor.

I have discussed the Covid cleaning protocols with each venue and will be allowing an extra half an hour at the beginning and end of each class to make sure hygiene standards are maintained. My intention is to only work in venues that already have a high standard of cleanliness, and it is for this reason that I will not be returning to some of the premises that I used before the pandemic. My feeling is, that we will have to exercise caution in the long term to avoid another spike in cases. I will be continuing the online classes for the forseable future and if you have any concerns about the risks of returning to the classroom then this is undoubtedly the safest option for you.

Another option would be to come to see me in my new larger yoga space at home. This can be on a one to one basis or in pairs, At the moment I can only see couples if you are already living in a family group or are in the same social bubble. This may also be possible once the “Rule of Six” is reinstated for indoor socialising provided you are all fully vaccinated. If you would like to be part of a couple and know who you would like to share with then get in touch. If you would like help finding someone to share with I am more than happy to match you up. The advantages of sharing a lesson are you get some much needed social contact and the camaraderie of practicing together, it brings the cost down, and if you are suffering from lack of motivation it may just kick start you to get your mat out and practice with me online. Once all social distancing measures have been removed all are welcome to book in for these tailored lessons. For more information please visit the PRIVATE TUITION page on this website.

If you are going to attend class whilst social distancing measures are still in place we have a collective responsibility to make the classes as safe as possible, and to protect those more vulnerable members of our community. Can I emphasis that whilst I can take steps to make class as safe a place as I can, I cannot eradicate ALL risk, and ultimately, it is up to you to decide what level of risk is acceptable to you as an individual. Bear in mind that if ANYONE who has attended a class with you exhibits symptoms that may be Covid -19 we will ALL have to self-isolate until a negative test result has been confirmed. Because of this I cannot offer refunds for classes that may have to be cancelled to allow this safety protocol to be observed.

So, if you do decide to join a live class I ask that you:

  1. consider using a home test irrespective of your vaccination status before attending class
  2. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you leave home
  3. sanitise your hands on arrival
  4. arrive at class wearing a mask
  5. bring your own mat and any other equipment you may need including brick/block/belt/eye pillow/blanket/knee padding as I am unable to provide equipment at the moment (I can offer clean second hand equipment very cheaply)
  6. place your mat as directed by me to make sure social distancing measures are observed
  7. once you have set up your space you may take off your mask but please wear it if you visit the bathroom
  8. if you use the bathroom you will be asked to clean the flush handle or button, seat and door handle with materials provided by me both before and after your visit
  9. before departing please replace your mask and refrain from close physical contact with anyone in class
  11. sanitise your hands as you leave the venue
  12. wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you get home

In the spirit of equity I am not asking for vaccination status as I am aware that some students have either not been offered the jab as yet, or have been unable to take it due to other health issues. In addition we do not as yet know whether the vaccination offers full protection, prevents transmission, or will withstand any variants of the virus so I think it makes sense to follow all the safety procedures for as long as we are advised to. Personally I have only had the first dose and am self testing regularly. My second vaccination is due before the end of June.

The other main changes are cost, and what to do if you miss a class. Due to the lower numbers and longer time commitment for me, as I have to Covid clean all premises both before and after class, the cost of the classes will be higher. Historically I ran a “catch-up system” and intend to reinstate this as soon as is practicable. In the shorter term bear in mind that when you book for a block of classes there will be no catch up facility as yet, and classes may have to be cancelled if any Covid-19 symptoms are reported.

Until social distancing measures are lifted the cost of classes will be:
60 minute class £10 booked in advance in a block
75 minute class £12 booked in advance in a block
90 minute class £15 booked in advance in a block
There will be no ‘drop-in’ style classes

I cannot as yet offer the concession cost for those on a low income/unwaged/living on a state pension, but I have every intention of doing so in the future. Once I have more classes running and am able to fill them to capacity I will also be offering free places in every class as I always have.

I know change is hard, but we will all adapt in our own time and find a way to keep our yoga practice alive whether that is in a class together, at my house enjoying a tailored lesson or or on your mat at home with me online.

Take care of yourselves and I will be in touch as soon as I have more news.