Karen Wilson: Mum-to-be and Student Yoga Teacher

I started attending Michelle’s classes about 4 years ago when she covered a class for my then regular teacher. The style and nature of the classes that she covered were so inspiring and fun that I ended up changing my class so that I could practise under Michelle. Since then I’ve regularly attended 1-2 classes a week and also had the joy of having one-to-one sessions which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Michelle’s classes cover the physical practice as well as the more philosophical level and applicability to modern living. It is through her classes that I have managed to develop a deeper understanding of yoga and through her encouragement and guidance I am now undertaking the BWY Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. I really like the depth of knowledge Michelle has for yoga and the application of this through the various different styles and approaches she uses. I find her classes very accessible for all ages and abilities and they have been particularly good during my pregnancy. Her classes incorporate humour and personal experience which makes the classes very enjoyable and leave you wanting more. Having studied under different teachers I’m definitely grateful for having found such a good teacher as Michelle.