Sarah Hallett: Bookings Manager and Yoga Teacher

I joined Michelle’s classes 3 years ago as a student yoga teacher and continue to travel on an amazing journey with her. I have discovered (and still continue to do so) many things about my body’s ability and strengths .I always thought that it was the poses themselves that I enjoyed the most but over the years I have discovered that the philosophy , meditations and modifications used by Michelle to be the highlight of the lesson plan. Michelle has an excellent reputation as teacher, she is caring, compassionate, disciplined and at all times re-assuring, no matter how many students are in the class you feel that Michelle is very aware of you as an individual and made to feel supported and encouraged. I have now qualified as a yoga teacher and still benefit from attending Michelle’s classes twice a week, I always feel physically and mentally refreshed ready to face life’s challenges, it goes without saying that I would recommend Michelle to anyone whatever their ability.