Musical Musings from Michelle January 2019

It has been a while since I shared with you what has been coming through my headphones, so here are a few tracks to enjoy X Michelle

(The last one from the film Baraka is an incredible visual spectacle, makes my hair stand on end…if you haven’t seen the film you are missing a rare weird and beautiful treat, I have it on DVD if anyone wants to borrow it)

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  1. Hi Michelle

    I very much enjoyed these choices of music – I recall how electrifying that scene in Baraka was (saw it ages ago at the cinema).

    Thanks for choosing to post my video interpretation of Robert Rich’s Perpetual from my StillMovingArt channel. The earthy, mystical unsettling trace that is this piece I thought really deserved some visuals for those who couldn’t be in the space at the time.

    Have you heard about Robert’s Sleep concerts? I’ve always wanted to hear how participants felt after 8 hours in this Perpetual state!


    Chris Simmons

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