Slow down and take a deep breath

Hello my lovely yoga peeps,

I hope you are all adjusting to the changes happening on our planet right now and I am sending you all so much love, courage, strength and hope.

All the lessons we have learned from the philosophy of yoga we can now apply to help us through these strange times: compassion, gratitude, and surrender.

I will be working out a way to deliver yoga to you all, so that it will reach those students who are less familiar with technology, and those who are now struggling to make ends meet, and I am going to need some help to do this as I am not the most computer savvy guinea pig in the world myself. So those of you who volunteered to help, I will wait until you have the time, there is no rush.

What I am learning is, to slow down. It might take me a week or two or three to find a way to get your yoga to you, but I will get there. I have so much going on right now on the home front and my guess is that you all will have too.

So take a deep breath, stay grounded, but also accept that there will be moments when you can’t. Whatever you are feeling is valid.

The Earth is already able to breath a little better because of the changes that have taken place, this could be a time of great healing for our little blue green planet, I dearly hope so…..

I will be in touch very soon.

Love light and peace



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