Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded

At this time of year many of us feel overwhelmed by how much we have to do to be ready for the holidays. If you are feeling like there is just too much on your plate this practice is for you, if you are seriously contemplating throwing your full plate at the nearest wall, take your shoes and socks off and try it now….

Follow these steps

  1. Stand barefoot
  2. Rock the weight forwards to the toes and backwards to the heels slowly
  3. Make this rocking action smaller and slower until you feel balanced in the centre of your feet
  4. Breathe in and pick up all of your toes
  5. Breath out and let the toes come back to the ground long and relaxed
  6. Close your eyes
  7. Imagine roots growing out through your feet
  8. See those roots growing down through the floor under the foundations and into the earth
  9. Visualise those roots growing thicker and stronger
  10. See yourself connected deeply to the earth through these strong roots
  11. Notice your breathing
  12. Every time you breath out send all of your stress down through those roots into the earth
  13. Every exhalation sending negativity, worry, anxiety, down through those roots
  14. Let the earth absorb all of your negativity
  15. Open your eyes

Feel better? xx Michelle

Photo by Peter Rodgers

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