What happens now affects what happens next


Humanity is on the whole unaware that it is asleep, the Buddhists call this ignorance or mindlessness. Through the process of yoga our intention is to wake from this dream state, by the systematic cultivation of present moment awareness, and by using our ability to see more deeply into cause and effect

Through the practice of yoga you get to be yourself and know who you really are. You will come to realise that you are on a path, the path of your life, and that it is unfolding moment by moment, and that what happens now affects what happens next.

If what happens now influences what happens next, then it makes sense from time to time to really examine and be in touch with what is happening now, so that you can take your inner and outer bearings and perceive with clarity the path that you are on and the direction you are going in. Then you are in a better position to chart a course for yourself, towards greater sanity and wisdom, that is true to your inner being- a soul path, a heart path. The sooner we begin to do this, the better. It is all too easy to remain on something of a fog enshrouded, slippery slope, right up until the end of life. It would be tragic to live out our days without ever waking up. And through the choice of embedding yoga into your life, you have consciously or subconsciously decided that you must wake up. When we wake up we realise that what we thought for all those years about how life was to be lived and what was important were at best half examined truths based on fear, and ignorance, our own life limiting ideas, and not the truth, or the way life had to be at all.

No one can do the job of waking up for us. Our loved ones may try desperately to get through to us, to help us see more clearly, but waking up is ultimately something that each one of us must do alone. And all that is required is a willingness to look deeply at our present moments, no matter what they hold, in a spirit of generosity, kindness towards oneself, and openness towards what might be possible.

“you alone are the alchemist of your humanity. The power is given to you alone to turn base metal into gold, to turn such base energies as fear worry anger deceit hatred and delusion into generosity openness spontaineity kindness courage and awareness. This is your genius.”  “Beautiful Life” Simon Parke

Wisdom from Jon Kabat-Zinn “Wherever you go, there you are”

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