Finding Your Feet

As we begin our cycle of lessons connected to the Earth element, I suggested that you spend some time getting to know your feet.
If you are a ‘foot-hater’ you will have to overcome your feelings of distaste towards your hooves to be able to engage with this practice, and if you are a lover of all things feet then this will be paradise for you!

Try the following ideas to wake up your feet

  • give your feet a good soak in a bowl of warm water or foot spa.
  • massage your feet with oils (coconut oil is lovely and smells so good).
  • roll the soles of your feet around on top of a golf ball (a squash ball or a tennis ball is less intense).
  • thread your fingertips in between your toes to stretch the toes apart.
  • wear toe separators around the house while you are barefoot (yes, men too….)
  • while standing try lifting all of the toes, then just the big toes and see if you can wag them from side to side, , then just the middle three toes.

So why bother with the feet? Because since humanity clambered up onto two legs to walk, our feet have been our connection to the earth, they are our roots. And just as the foundations of a building must be stable and strong, to support the structures above, so our foundations must be able to support the rest of our body. If our feet are misaligned, or tight or clenched then that misalignment and tightness and tension will be reflected elsewhere in the body. If you have a pair of shoes that your feet DREAD you wearing, STOP wearing them and make your feet happy….

When you have had a chance to get to know your feet, I suggested you look at a Reflexology map of the foot, to see if any tender spots you encountered are related to health problems elsewhere in the body that you may or may not be aware of.

I have already had some really interesting feedback from students on this subject. Some have been able to pinpoint a tender spot on one foot and then when consulting the reflexology map found that it corresponded EXACTLY with another place in the body that is suffering. Give it a whirl and let me know how you get on.

Big Love

X Michelle

[Photo courtesy of Peter Rodgers and Suki the saluki]

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