How to book your yoga classes

Michelle preparing herself to tackle rebooking...

Hi yoga people,

Here are a few points regarding booking and payment that may answer commonly asked questions

BACS payment is easy and quick, (if you are au fait with internet banking!) and thank you to all students who are utilising this system. Could I ask that you put a reference on your payment so I know who you are and which class you have booked in for. If you are paying from a bank account that does not match your name, or you have a christian name that is different from the name I know you by, it can be confusing! So if you use BACS can you put as a reference your initials plus the code for the class you are booking for (which will be on the rebooking post) then I can process your booking quickly and correctly.Please contact me via email or mobile 07821 535540 for bank details.

Cheque payments need to be in by the last class of the current block at the latest. Please bring a cheque made out to M.Chand in an envelope with your full name and the name of the class you are booking in for written on the front.  I need to know by the last class in each block if you are coming back for the next one, and need time to offer that place to the next person on the waiting list if you are not.

What to do if you have missed some of your classes please see the blog post entitled “how to catch up your missed yoga class”.

Can I make an impassioned plea for you all to subscribe to the website and pick up news about class from there, if you have not already done so. I have around 140 students booked in every week, and in order to have enough time to teach, lesson plan, keep up with my own practice, run a home, two kids and a business, I simply have not got enough time in the day to sort out each person’s booking individually, unless I give up sleeping, which I am loathe to do, and lack of sleep makes me very very grumpy!!

With classes running to capacity, there is limited availability for ‘one off classes’ . Just to clarify, you do need to book your one off class in advance.

I hope that addresses some of the most commonly asked questions and resolves uncertainty.

Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and hard work in class. I love my job (but the paperwork….not so much!!)

Much love



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