How to catch up your missed yoga class

If you have to miss your yoga class for any reason, there is a ‘catch-up’ system in place to help you get to as many classes as possible that you have paid for.

Once you have booked your block of classes, look ahead in your diary to see if you have any clashes coming up. If you do, contact me either by email or text 07821 535540 and let me know in advance which class you will be missing and which class you would like to come to instead. With advance notice I can almost always accommodate you in another class. That class will then be booked for you, and your usual space offered to another student who is waiting to catch-up a missed class. If you are not able to attend your catch-up class for whatever reason, then that class cannot be rebooked again. You can catch up ‘ahead of schedule’ too perhaps by doing two classes the week before you are going to be away.

Life however is not always as tidy as that, I know. If life throws you a curve ball and you cannot get to your regular class, and you are unable to let me know, or only with very short notice, I will not be able to offer your place to another student. The catch up system only really works when I know in advance that you are not going to be able to make it. In this instance, I will try to get you into another class, but I can’t promise a space.

You do not have to catch-up your missed class in the same week, and if you still have a class or two to catch-up at the end of the block, I will still try to book them in for you. I cannot offer credit against missed classes towards the next block of classes.

If you cannot commit to a whole block of classes then that space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. I cannot make a booking for part of a block.

My intention in running the catch-up system is to enable those students who work shifts or have to travel with work, or share childcare to get to as many classes as they can. It is not perfect but it seems to work pretty well. Every so often I will have a class where many students don’t turn up, and all want to come on the same day to catch-up and that may not be possible as I cap class sizes so that I can give you the attention you deserve.

It is up to each student to organise and keep track of their sessions, and I take that on trust. If you contact me at the end of a block to check how many sessions you have used, I have to look back through two months worth of registers spread over nine classes which is very time consuming, and if I had to do that for every student I would not have time to run the classes!

So to recap:

  1. Catch-ups need to be booked in advance
  2. if you don’t make it to your class and can’t let me know I can’t promise you a catch-up
  3. catch-ups can only be booked once -if you miss your catch-up class, it is gone
  4. you need to keep track of your own catch-up sessions
  5. Catch-up class does not have to be in the same week you miss you class
  6. if you have catch-ups at the end of a block I will try to book them into the next booking block
  7. you cannot claim credit against next booking block for missed classes

Hope that clarifies the system for those of you who had questions  xx  Michelle

“You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it!”  Saji Ijiyemi

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