Keep your cool

The weather is set to stay hot for a little while longer, the orchids amongst us are enjoying every minute, but the rest are wilting like lettuces left in the sun.
Please make sure you bring plenty of water with you to class. Every venue has a kitchen so you can top up your bottle. As you practice wet your hair/neck temples and wrists with water to keep yourself cool and use breath practices that help the body cope with the heat.
If you have the gene that enables you to roll the tongue then roll the tongue into a tube and leaving the tip of the tongue just outside the mouth draw the breath in for a count of three, then exhale slowly through the nose if it is clear. If you cannot roll the tongue then clamp the teeth together, draw the lips back from the teeth and inhale through the tiny gaps between your teeth for a count of three either with the tongue flat in the mouth or the tip of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, then exhale slowly through the nose if it is clear. As you practice pause whenever you need to and rest your body and try these breath practices to help you keep your cool.

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