The Klesha’s a quick guide

In class we have begun an exploration of the Klesha’s (obstacles) to living a soulful life…here is a quick overview…

The Klesha’s

According to the Yoga Sutra (Book II), there are five kleshas, or afflictions, that can sidetrack you in your quest for spiritual evolution.

AVIDYA The inability to see things for what they are; this causes you to mistake transient, ego-related matters for permanent, soul-related ones.

ASMITA The tendency to overidentify with your ego; this keeps you from connecting with your soul.

RAGA The flame of desire that causes addiction to pleasure; this discourages you from leaving your comfort zone for more evolved territory.

DVESHA The aversion to pain; this creates a quicksandlike cycle of misery and self-hatred that sucks you under and suffocates your will to evolve.

ABHINIVESHA The fear of death or a clinging to life; this dilutes your focus and interferes with your ability to experience the spiritual freedom that is the goal of yoga.

[If you are interested in learning about yoga in it’s broader context I strongly recommend you get hold of a copy of  “The Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali” and start working through it, there are many many different translations and verions and I will happily advise you as to which ones to look out for if you are interested].

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