Are you keen to get back into the classroom?

On 17th May I was back in the classroom for the first time in 14 months and it felt like I had never been away. Even though we are now living in a different world to the last time we met, it felt very familiar despite all the changes. Everyone arrived wearing masks which I used . . . → Read More: Are you keen to get back into the classroom?

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

An exploration of how our minds and emotions affect our sleep, and how the wisdom and practices from the Yoga Tradition might just help.

It is very normal to have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep when you feel anxious. It is also very normal to react to problems sleeping with anxiety. You have a bad . . . → Read More: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Unlocking Sleep

This article is the third in the series on Sleep following “The Land of Nod” and “The Science of Sleep” so best to read those first if you haven’t already.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting asleep, staying asleep, or waking up still feeling tired then it would be worth checking through the suggestions in this article. . . . → Read More: Unlocking Sleep

The Science of Sleep

If you are struggling to get enough restful sleep then perhaps it’s time for you to become a sleep scientist. If you ask a person who sleeps well what steps they take to get a good night they will probably not have a clue. Ask the same question of an insomniac and you will get a . . . → Read More: The Science of Sleep

The Land of Nod

Bedtime storiesI remember as a child waking up from a full night of sleep refreshed and excited about the day ahead, especially at the weekends and during the school holidays when the day was my own and all manner of adventures awaited me and my imaginary horse Dobbin. It will of course come as no surprise . . . → Read More: The Land of Nod

Being Human: Under Pressure

Years ago I had the honour to be a birth companion for a friend. She had never had a natural or normal delivery and as this was to be her last baby she really hoped to have a more positive birth experience this time. We were both very excited and had made plans, but as is . . . → Read More: Being Human: Under Pressure

Being Human: Judgement Calls

Years ago as a student nurse on a night shift one of my patients fell out of bed. She was an elderly lady with dementia, and very distressed. It was not uncommon in those days to be left alone and unsupervised on a ward at night and to have one qualified nurse ‘keeping an eye’ . . . → Read More: Being Human: Judgement Calls

Being Human: Get into the Groove

I am very much an all or nothing kind of person. I am EITHER going running, eating quinoa, reading philosophy and flossing my teeth OR crashed out on the sofa watching crap TV and eating family sized packs of Kettle Chips. There is an element of compulsion, or obsession in everything I do. I have always . . . → Read More: Being Human: Get into the Groove

Being Human: Slow Motion

In our culture the idea of slowing down tends to be associated with old age or infirmity of some kind, rather than something we would do by choice to enhance our health and well-being. It is not unusual for someone to comment “Oh poor thing, he is slowing down” when they observe someone who has become . . . → Read More: Being Human: Slow Motion

Being Human: The Eye of the Storm

This week after nearly two months of uncertainty and fear, I felt eerily calm. Although there have been some loosening of the restrictions of lockdown, we are undeniably still a species in crisis with no solution yet to the ravages of this virus, yet I felt this slowing down of my frantic energy and for the . . . → Read More: Being Human: The Eye of the Storm